Publications and Posters For Educators

Focus on New Hampshire Forests
"Focus on New Hampshire Forests"
Publication  (1 copy per person)

Focus on New Hampshire Forests (2009) is a resource with New Hampshire-specific forest information (some is outdated). It can be used alone, or preferably as a companion resource to the Project Learning Tree K-8 activity guide. NH Project Learning Tree.

Arbor Day
"Teacher's Guide for Arbor Day & Tree Planting Celebrations in New Hampshire" Publication (1 copy per person)

Tree planting is for any age although the focus of this booklet is for teachers of Grades 3 to 6. We hope the booklet will provide you with background, ideas and options so you can create an Arbor Day Celebration that best suits your situation. Arbor Day is April 26th.

Life, death and rebirth of a tree
"Life, Death & Rebirth of a tree"
36" x 22" Poster (Up to 5 copies per person)


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