Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) was found in Worcester, MA in Aug. 2008 and in Boston in July 2010. This insect pest poses a serious risk to trees and forests. ALB has not been found in New Hampshire and is often confused with longhorned beetles native to New Hampshire.

Comparison of the Asian Longhorned Beetle and longhorned beetles native to New Hampshire

Action Plan to Restrict the Spread of Asian Longhorned Beetle Upon Initial Detection Within New Hampshire

Asian longhorned beetle

Donald Duerr, USDA Forest Service,

Help us by looking at the debris from your swimming pools. 
In addition to a swimming pool, you need:

  • A smartphone or digital camera
  • An email address that you actively use
  • A computer (or smartphone, tablet, etc.) to upload pictures to a website.

 Here are the steps you can take to help:

Step 1: From July 11-Aug. 26. Whenever you clean your pool, look at the debris you collect in your filter and skimmers. Look for longhorned beetles.

Step 2: Use a fact sheet to compare collected insects to common insects.

Step 3: Take a picture of any insect you think is a longhorned beetle. We need a good view of the insect's back.

Step 4: Upload pictures of the insect that most looks like a longhorned beetle.

Step 5: If you send us a picture, freeze the insect in a tupperware-like container until you hear from us (about a week). We will either tell you to throw the insect out or give you instructions about mailing it, delivering it or arranging for pick-up.

We will post interesting pictures and sightings to the Forest Insect Photo Gallery.

If you don't have a pool but suspect you have found Asian longhorned beetle, follow these steps:

  1. Take a picture and upload &/or
  2. Report a possible sighting

Don't Move Firewood!

firewood stacked

Did you know there is a ban on untreated, out-of-state firewood in NH without a compliance agreement? Find information on firewood quarantines.

If you have taken wood from the Worcester, MA area, even if it was years ago, please visit this Survey for Worcester Residents Owning Property in New Hampshire.