Reporting Form

Use this form to report any suspected invasive insect or disease.

What should you report? Below are some of the pests/diseases we are keeping an eye on, but this is not a comprehensive list. 

  • Emerald ash borer
  • Asian longhorned beetle
  • Beech leaf disease
  • Oak wilt
  • Jumping worms
  • Hemlock woolly adelgid
  • Spotted lanternfly

To take pictures of a fast-moving insect, slow it down by placing it in the freezer for at least an hour before taking the picture. Upload the picture(s) below. Store the insect in a tupperware-like container until you hear from us. We will either tell you to release the insect or give you instructions about mailing it, delivering it or arranging for pick-up.

Having trouble submitting a photo? Please email them to


Forestry Information Center
1-800-444-8978 within New England

Upload an image of the insect, tree damage or location.
Maximum 3 files.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, jpeg.
Describe the site in as much detail as you can (a park, business name, etc.).
Please use any landmarks you observed at the site to help indicate the exact location.
(Color, size, shape, etc.)
Describe any tree damage: holes in tree (indicate size and shape), S-shaped tunnels in bark, dieback of upper canopy of tree, etc.
(NOTE: Emerald ash borer only attacks ash trees, genus Fraxinus.)
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